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JDUAAR ... was that the sound of an explosion? Shortly thereafter, Jet awakens and he's confused about his current whereabouts. Jet tried to recall what was happening, but Jet could not remember anything!

Looking around, the items on the ship were also damaged. With barely any memory, he tried to get out of this ship and explore this "new" world.

What exactly is happening to him?! 
And why did he end up here?!


Reminiscence is a puzzle game with rich story where every outcome will be determined by your own actions. In Reminiscence, you will try to solve puzzles while also uncovering the truth about Jet's story.


In Reminiscence, Jet will need to solve several puzzles. The puzzles vary in more ways than you can imagine. On some of these puzzles, you might also need some items. These items can be hidden or obviously put on the world of Reminiscence. For more details on the mechanics, please refer to the image below.

Developed By:

  • Juli (Julia Ningrum) - 1706079322
  • Dean (Raihansyah Attallah Andrian) - 1706040196
  • Uci (Gusti Ngurah Yama Adi Putra) - 1706979253
  • Anit (Janitra Ariena) - 1706979316
  • Alza (Alya Zahra) - 1706039906
  • Rafif (Rafif Taris) - 1706979436


Version 2.1.2 

What's New ?

  • Fix several bugs regarding gameplay and menu system
  • Polished sound effects
  • Polished dialogue
  • Added secret endings (Main changes)
  • Added new deep lore (Main changes)

Uploaded on 24th December but file accidentally got deleted

Version 2.1.4

What's New ?

  • Fix Bugs
  • Version 2.1.3 has been taken down due to the game being unplayable.

Uploaded on 27th January 2020


Reminiscence v.1.1.zip 288 MB
Reminiscence.zip v.2.1.2 294 MB
Reminiscence v2.1.4.zip 294 MB

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